129 billion disposable masks and 65 billion disposable gloves each month are ending up in the landfills!!!


“At Kwik BagIt we believe in a world where climate change, proper waste management and recycling practices are addressed by commercial innovation and changing the ways that haven’t been working”.

Our Mission is to reduce the mismanagement and unnecessary amount of PPE Gloves, Masks, and Gowns that are plugging up our landfills and in order to achieve this, our Kwik BagIt System will help to achieve Net Zero Plastics by 2030. 

We will accomplish this in a very different way that will engage medical facilities, the community and the municipalities that there is a better way and WE ALL CAN WIN by realizing the VALUE of PPE instead that of a COST and a BURDEN, and with our Patent Pending proprietary “System”, we have a safe and sustainable way to be rid of these recyclables.

  - Harold Sokyrka (CEO /Founder

  Kwik BagIt Products International Inc.

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